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As Dorothy said in the classic movie The Wizard Of OZ "There's no place like home, there's no place like home," and when you live in the fabulous Florida Keys there really is no other place like home! Be the Keys your year round residence, your winter retreat, your retirement dream, investment, or your vacation house, if its in the Keys you are in paradise and you have finally arrived home.

From the mainland, off the Florida Turnpike at the very end of Florida City, I realize that the further south I travel on Overseas Highway US 1, the higher my spirit soars! Jimmy Buffett's song resonates so strong and true: "changes in latitude, changes in attitude" capturing the true feeling of the Keys. By boat, car or plane, as I travel home to the Keys, I never grow tired of the view, the sheer beauty and awesome spectacle of the Keys. I am at the southernmost tip of the continental USA, and I know I am still in the USA, but it feels like a whole different world. The Fabulous Florida Keys is a National natural treasure that people are allowed to live in, easily accessible, a short trip for Miami International airport and yet a world away. The essence of the Keys is a casual, relaxed, and laid- back atmosphere. The Keys are a tropical oasis, a beautiful special paradise home to a few lucky and truly blessed people. Like a sign on a painted coconut said: "If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, then you are lucky enough". SO where exactly is this lucky piece of exotic paradise treasure called the Keys? I chart my course home approximately latitude 80.3W and longitude 25N. You can chart your course to your home in the Keys today and I can help you discover your own piece of paradise.

The fabulous Florida Keys are in Monroe County, the southernmost county in the great state of Florida (The Sunshine State). The Keys are a chain of islands called an archipelago extending from the southeastern peninsula of Florida near the Miami and Key Biscayne area and runs southwest curving towards Key West and the Dry Tortugas. This archipelago known as the Keys, include inhabited and uninhabited islands, partly submerged mangrove islands, incorporated and unincorporated islands all lying in the Florida Straits. The Florida Straits divide the Atlantic Ocean on the east (Oceanside where the sunrises), and the Gulf of Mexico on the west, thus creating the Florida Bay (bayside where the sunsets). In Monroe County on Overseas Highway, US 1 is clearly marked by brown or green signs called mile markers (MM) that run from the north at MM 127 south and end at the Courthouse in Key West at MM 0. When asking for directions in the Keys you are usually given the MM and whether you are on the Oceanside or the Bayside, for example: "Meet me at Harriette's Restaurant, MM 95.7 bayside, in Key Largo". Key West is at MM 0 and is the county seat of Monroe County. It is only 90 miles from Cuba. Key West is responsible for most citizens from most of the Everglades (on the mainland of Florida) to all of the islands from Key Largo south, east, and west.

The fabulous Florida Keys are linked by 42 bridges along 127 miles of historic US 1 from Legendary Key Largo (the largest island) to Key West. What makes the Keys so fabulous and special is experiencing the tropical environment. Life focuses in, on, and around the water. From the only living coral reef in North America, to shipwrecks, Keys characters, magnificent vegetation, crystal clear water, incredible undersea life, the flora, the fauna, the history, the myths, the legends, the fish stories, the pirates, the artists, the poets, the writers to the countless species of birds that brilliantly dot the blue skies, the unique animals that walk on the land or swim in the sea, you'll come to appreciate them all in the majestic Florida Keys. Truly the Keys are one of our National Treasures.

Unrestricted recreational pleasure awaits you in the Keys. From incomparable fishing, diving, snorkeling, sailing, boating, kayaking, swimming, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, parasailing, jet skiing, bird watching and more, it is never more than minutes away. For morning people, breathtaking sunrises await you. Nothing compares to greeting the day by seeing the bright brilliant sun come out of the water while sipping a fresh cup of coffee at the ocean side. Sunset celebrations await you at the close of every day. Imagine romantic, intimate sunsets sipping your favorite cool, tropical drink on the bay at the end of a spectacular day. The Keys offer a change of pace and has something for everyone. The Keys are unforgettable and one of the few places in the world that offers such serenity and peace. The Keys help you set your priorities with year round great weather that inspires adventures, creativity and enjoying the great outdoors. As you change your latitude, and adjust your attitude, you just might decide to stay. That's why I am here for you 24/7 to welcome you to the Florida Keys and that lifestyle you have been looking for, welcome home…because there truly is no place like home in the Keys!

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